I began working with Donna before hip replacement surgery. I wanted to strengthen my body so that I could get through the surgery in the best possible shape for what I knew could be an intense rehab. I had seen what my wife—who didn’t have the benefit of Donna’s skills—had to go through eight years prior and I was, as a result, nervous.

But from our first meeting, I felt encouraged and hopeful. Donna is a careful listener and tuned-in observer; from the outset, she taught me a series of exercises—many focusing on the breath—that both relieved pain (which was, at the time, substantial) and had a calming psychological effect.

When I finally opted for surgery, I felt ready; I awoke pain-free, went home within 24 hours, and began walking—two crutches—that day. Within a week, I was walking with a single crutch or a cane.

I am certain that Donna’s skills and insights—and her showing me how to carefully and dutifully embody them—are responsible for this outcome.