My approach to client care

I launched my own practice so I could spend appropriate quality time with each of my clients. I was frustrated by the treatment time limits imposed by insurance companies and institutional care providers intent on satisfying their own corporate productivity metrics.

My approach centers around flexibility to treat as needed based on a client’s particular diagnosis and issues. I work in partnership with my clients to understand the root cause of their issues and then to achieve goals through my body-as-a-system and PRI treatment approaches (described here).

Payments and insurance

I am currently out of network for all insurance companies except Medicare.

I operate on a “fee-for-service” basis: clients pay for each treatment session via check, credit card, debit card, flex spending account or cash, and I provide a comprehensive “super-bill” that clients can use to submit claims to their insurer or to save towards insurance deductibles. I recommend that prior to the initial visit, clients call the consumer service phone number on their insurance card to understand how their out-of-network benefits work.

A typical treatment session lasts 1 hour. The initial session is $200, and subsequent sessions are $160/hour.

For questions and to make an appointment, please contact me.


Prior to your first visit, please download and fill out these forms: