Providing instruction manuals for your body.

Body-as-a-System Philosophy

Body as a System

Physical pain or dysfunction rarely stem from a single source. Each joint or muscle functions within a larger neuromuscular system. Pain and dysfunction need to be addressed by considering this larger context. The traditional "treat one body part at a time" approach is unrealistic, impractical, and terribly frustrating for many patients.

I treat pain or dysfunction within the context of your interconnected body. That's how I achieve optimal therapeutic results. I also teach you how to "operate" your body as a system so that the results are sustainable.

I provide instruction manuals for your body™.


Postural Restoration® (PRI) Approach

When our bodies are out of balance we experience pain and dysfunction. Getting out of balance is only natural because of the way we use our bodies. Throughout our lives we develop and reinforce patterns or habits of movement. In some cases we get locked into these habits and cannot adequately shift out of them. A cornerstone of my practice is to help restore variety into movement patterns as a key to improving physical well-being.

PRI is focused on bringing the body back into balance by restoring more symmetrical movement patterns. By using PRI I teach patients new patterns of movement and habits that can manage or eliminate pain and optimize function.