I have been suffering from lower back pain since the age of 14. At 14, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disorder and now at 25, I have had 3 cortisone shots. I have been to numerous PT’s to help relief the severe pain and symptoms I was having. I am a strength & conditioning coach so, my job requires me to be active and my injuries were holding me back. It got to the point where I contemplated changing profession.

I was referred to Donna by Northeastern University Sports Performance. After seeing Donna for approximately 5 weeks, I can do things that I haven’t been able to since I was 17. But most importantly, I can work pain free. Donna didn’t just relieve me of any pain, she also talked me through the entire process. Getting treated by Donna was something I thoroughly enjoyed as I found it an excellent educational experience. Having a keen interest in human movement, I found Donna’s unique techniques fascinating. Because of this, I am better able to treat myself if I ever have a flare up.

Donna is hands down the best physical therapist I have been to but to top it off, she is a very kind and enjoyable person to be around. I never thought I could squat and deadlift again until I met Donna. Thank you.