Donna is a star in the physical therapy firmament! Gifted, knowledgeable, experienced, practical, she’s helped me recover from injuries and improved my overall musculoskeletal form and strength. I’ve worked with her several times, for different anatomical complaints. Each time she’s quickly diagnosed the problem and figured out what needs to happen to allow the injury to heal and make my body stronger. In fact, I’ve learned that when some nagging ache or minor injury happens I should get in to see Donna right away: taking up our work together invariably keeps my pain from getting worse and significantly shortens the amount of time I’m suffering.

With her expertise in postural adjustment, she goes beyond standard PT remedies that might deal with the proximal causes of an injury, and treats the origins of many physical difficulties. In my case this had led not only to reduced pain and quicker recovery, but it has helped me develop habits that I know have already kept a few near-misses from becoming full-blown miseries. In fact, I’ve learned so much from her that I think differently about how to move and use my body throughout the day as well as in workouts—I’ve even passed on some of her wisdom to my trainer!

Not only is she knowledgeable, but Donna is realistic. She’d rather go slowly and well than rush through something and have it recur. She’s sensitive to the demands of everyday life so that she can adjust exercises to fit one’s needs. And, though this isn’t a requirement for a physical therapist, she’s a lot of fun to work with.